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We have passed Intertek's factory inspection certification
Recently, Alibaba international station entrusted internationally known and professional certification bodies -- Intertek certification company came to our company for factory inspection

Recently, Alibaba international station entrusted internationally known and professional certification bodies -- Intertek certification company came to our company for factory inspection. Intertek is a very professional and experienced certification company with a professional and compliant certification process. It is also the designated certification company on the official websites of many well-known retailers (Adi, Auchan, Wal-Mart, for example). Therefore, by professional certification company to the manufacturer inspection inspection, is not only a comprehensive inspection and management of manufacturers, production system upgrade. In addition, it is responsible for the buyers and helps them to screen and find high-quality and powerful Chinese manufacturers. At the same time, it also guarantees the buyers' right to know, so that the buyers can be more assured about the manufacturers they find and guarantee the quality of products.


For the Buyers

First of all, the purpose of factory inspection is to test the strength of the factory, comprehensive and effective evaluation of the manufacturer's personnel management, production efficiency and after-sales service guarantee strength. Entrusting professional institutions to inspect the factory can help buyers save the time and resources of field inspection. Let customers have a preliminary understanding of the strength of the sellers, improve the customer's trust in the sellers, but also let buyers buy at ease.


For the Sellers

Factory inspection can promote factory inspection and update the equipment, to ensure that the equipment can operate normally.  Promote the updating and upgrading of the factory management system, improve the personnel management system of the factory, and ensure good production quality. In addition, it can also shorten the distance between sellers and buyers, improve the successful conversion rate of orders. And then help sellers to establish a good corporate image, improve the reputation of the company.


This time, Intertek conducted the following tests on our company:

1. Firstly, check the overall image of the factory, including the overall building of the factory and the classification and responsibilities of each department of the company. The quantity and quality of personnel in the factory, the type and quantity of equipment and the management system are in accordance with the legal provisions of the inspection.


2. Assess the overall situation of the office working environment and the potential risks of production in the factory floor. Such as the image of the staff and whether the clothes are neat and uniform. Whether the workers have received professional training before production and whether they are safe when operating the equipment.


3. Inspected the raw materials of the products and whether the production process was reasonable.


4. Verify the qualification certificate of the company to check whether it is expired. (Like the certificate of the ICTI,BSCI, ISO9001 ect)


The following is a partial picture of the factory inspection process:


All employees of our company are required to wear uniform clothes and good badges at work, which not only represents our company's young and energetic image, but also shows our good mental outlook to customers.

The staff of our production department have received strict and professional training when operating the equipment to ensure that the quality of the products produced must be the best.

Finally, our company's factory inspection successfully concluded. After all aspects of the audit, we have reached a good standard, but also very in line with the specification. Through the factory inspection, I believe that we also have a preliminary understanding of the strength of our company, but also to our production workshop specifications have a comprehensive improvement, I believe that we are able to do the best products and services, let buyers rest assured, to create more value for buyers!